Humidifiers & DehumidifiersDehumidifiers and humidifiers in Andover, MN, are an important part of your home’s indoor air quality. They help control the humidity levels in your home so you suffer fewer problems with allergies, respiratory discomfort, dry skin, and mold risk. They also protect your home and furnishings by protecting them from becoming dry and brittle or wet and warped.

    Both dry air and air that’s too moist are problematic for your home and your health, yet the weather in this region is unpredictable. Humidity control systems give you back control, so your home can stay safe and comfortable.

    Benefits of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

    Many homes in Andover have dry air, especially in the winter. Dry air can create problems like respiratory stress and dry skin. It can also cause damage to your home, as the wood in your home and furnishings can get dry and brittle. Installing a humidifier can help with all of these problems.

    We also offer humidifier and dehumidifier services in:

    Humidifiers can be either small, stand-alone units that work for mostly just one room, or they can install as part of your HVAC system to provide whole-house humidification. While a humidifier is important when the air gets dry, summer weather in our area can be pretty humid.

    Excess humidity puts you at high risk for mold growth in your home and can irritate your respiratory system. Too much moisture can cause the wood in your home to swell, and it can warp furniture or damage paint. A dehumidifier can help remove some of the humidity from the air to lessen these risks.


    Some benefits of having a humidifier and dehumidifier in your home include:
    • Improved comfort
    • Ability to lower the thermostat
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Fewer problems with dry skin
    • Less risk of model growth
    • Less respiratory discomfort

    Andover Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services

    At Liberty Comfort Systems, we understand the challenge and importance of controlling moisture levels in your home. We offer installation and repair services for humidity control systems, and we can help you assess the needs in your home to choose the right system. With our help, you can have a home that stays at proper humidity levels to protect your home and your health.


    For reliable services for humidifiers and dehumidifiers in Andover, count on Liberty Comfort Systems. Contact us today to schedule service.