Are you considering radiant heating for your Anoka, MN, home? Efficient radiant heated floors not only feel wonderful on your feet but also quickly and effectively broadcast heat to other cold objects in each room, including people! Instead of conducting heat through vents in the ceiling or a radiator along the wall, radiant heating is conducted through the floors of your house.

    Radiant Heating in Anoka, MN

    When the winter temperatures drop, a more efficient heating system can warm your entire home for less utility costs. And, nothing feels better in the morning than to step onto radiant floor heating instead of chilly tiles. Radiant heating can be used in your home, garage, business, or even a warehouse, and once you have your heated floors installed by Liberty Comfort Systems, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have them sooner!

    Expert Radiant Heating Installation in Anoka

    Radiant floor heating is a hydronic heating system that’s clean, quiet, and very versatile. The systems can be installed under any type of floor covering, from tile to carpet, and even poured concrete in a warehouse or garage. Radiant heating uses hot water pumped through small piping underneath the floors, which then radiates out to the entire floor and then the room. Because heat rises, heating your rooms from the floor up means you’ll use less fuel and have more consistent temperatures throughout your house. Call the friendly sales team at Liberty Comfort Systems to learn how the installation process works – our knowledgeable customer care representatives can answer all your questions.

    Why should you choose radiant heating? Some of the benefits include:
    • More efficient than air
    • Improved comfort in every room
    • Creates less allergens
    • No ducts or grills necessary
    • Operates quieter than other systems

    Is radiant heating worth it?

    Radiant heating can be worth it for its comfort and energy efficiency, offering consistent warmth without the drafts associated with forced-air systems. However, upfront costs may be higher, and installation complexity varies based on factors like flooring type and insulation.

    Do radiant heaters use a lot of electricity?

    Radiant heaters are generally energy-efficient because they directly heat objects and people, minimizing heat loss. While initial installation costs may be higher, they typically consume less electricity than traditional forced-air systems in the long run.

    Radiant heating systems may also add value to your Anoka house, even if you aren’t planning to sell. The Liberty Comfort Systems team custom-installs each flooring system according to the specs of your home so you get precision heating when you need it most.

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    Liberty Comfort Systems is a locally owned and operated heating and cooling contractor with a focus on supreme home comfort. We are a Lifestyle Service Company committed to bringing our customers quality products and services along with a personal touch and excellent customer service. Our installers and techs are NATE-Certified, and we’re professionally trained to custom-install radiant heating systems in your home.

    Do You Want Heated Floors in Your Home? Call Today!

    And, we also offer full-service maintenance and repair service, including 24-hour emergency services – we’re always there when you need us!

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