Boiler Installation in Anoka, MNPeople still use boilers to heat their homes in Anoka, MN, but boilers are much improved from where they were even a few years ago. For one thing, they are much more energy-efficient. They’re also safer, and tales of a malfunctioning boiler bursting out of a house like a rocket are a thing of the past. Our professionals at Liberty Comfort Systems are pleased to offer boiler installation for those homeowners who want to stay toasty warm during the state’s bone-chilling winters. We also offer boiler replacement for customers whose boilers have seen better days or who simply want to swap their old boiler out for one that’s more energy-efficient.

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    Quality Boiler Installation Experts in Anoka

    There are many reasons why you might consider using a boiler to heat your home.

    Quality Boiler Installation Experts in Anoka

    • Increasing energy efficiency from using water to heat the room
    • Evenly spreading heat around a room
    • Lengthening lifespan and less need for repairs
    • Adding fewer pollutants to the air than other kinds of heaters

    There are two different types of boilers. Steam boilers use water that’s heated until it turns to steam, rises, and enters pipes that connect to radiators. Hot water boilers pump hot water instead of steam to the radiators. Boilers can be powered with natural gas, propane, electricity, or oil. By the way, boilers no longer boil water to produce heat but only heat the water to between 145 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Professionals from Liberty Comfort Systems can help you choose which type of boiler is best for your home whether you are choosing boiler replacement or having a boiler installed for the first time.

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    Professional Boiler Replacement Team

    Professional Boiler Replacement TeamBoiler installation can be complicated, but our technicians at Liberty Comfort Systems pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest advances in home and commercial heating. They belong to the Minnesota Heating & Cooling Association and are recipients of Angi Super Service Award. This makes us second to none when installing our customer’s boilers.

    Not only are we knowledgeable and up to date on the latest techniques, but we are also punctual, tidy, and courteous, which are all qualities that are nearly as important as our technical skills. We offer 24/7 emergency service, which can be lifesaving during a Minnesota winter. Our maintenance plan makes you a priority when it comes to boiler service.

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    Known as The Halloween Capital of the World, Anoka is a wonderful place to live whether you live near the nature preserve or the bank of the Mississippi River. For boiler installation or replacement to keep your home comfortable all winter, call Liberty Comfort Systems today.