December 20, 2018

Be grateful whenever the thermostat displays the correct readings for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Still, there may be days when the data fluctuates such that imperceptible changes in the temperature may herald the start of bigger problems. Robert Korpella of reminds property owners to carry out the necessary fixes right away.

It will never do to face extreme temperatures unprepared, especially in a northern state like Minnesota. Nerves might be flayed when the thermostat readout states normal when in reality, the temperature is several degrees hotter or colder. As such, you need experts in AC repair in Ramsey, MN, like those at Liberty Comfort Systems, to straighten things out.

Testing One, Two, Three

You can test whether the thermostat is in prime condition by setting the device five degrees above or below normal readings. The technician may use this as an opening to see if the output is as noted on the readout. The wiring needs to be tested for consistency as some circuits, for example, may be improperly linked.

Consider shutting down the HVAC system at the circuit breakers to prepare the thermostat for recalibration. The batteries at the thermostat may also have to be replaced.

Replace Me, Please…

Your preferred AC contractor may recommend a thermostat replacement if earlier calibration tests do not produce the necessary results. In this regard, check with the technicians if the proposed replacement unit is compatible with the current thermostat. A check of the current unit’s specifications will yield the clues you need.

For instance, if the thermostat is intended for use with single-stage heating/cooling systems, it is designed to handle separate parts of the HVAC system. A thermostat with a “Zoned HVAC” designation, on the other hand, is designed for HVAC grids where the heating/cooling loads at individual rooms can be separately managed from a single interface. Such features are present in modern “smart” thermostats.

A fully working thermostat will be vital to ensuring the HVAC system performs at optimum levels during winter. Never forget to have it serviced by a Coon Rapids, MN AC repair company like Liberty Comfort Systems.

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