August 5, 2023
AC Installation in Anoka, MN

An air conditioner is a critical system used by many households in the United States and worldwide. In fact, nearly 90% of households in the nation use air conditioning systems. Like other systems, however, air conditioners experience wear and tear as well as other issues that affect household units. Eventually, there will reach a point when your air conditioner will need replacement. But how exactly will you know? The following are 10 signs it’s time to replace your air conditioner.

1. Old Air Conditioner

It’s time to replace your air conditioner if it’s old. Modern air conditioners can last 15 to 20 years, while their older counterparts can live between 10 and 12 years. You should consider getting a new unit if your current air conditioner is older than 15 years. At such an age, the air conditioner is probably inefficient and experiences many issues that disrupt its functioning. Your older unit could also be outdated if it uses Freon R-22, which was banned in the United States because of its environmental effects.

2. Lack of Cool Air

It’s time to replace your air conditioner if it’s blowing cool air. Your AC unit should be able to cool your interior when the temperatures are high in Minnesota. If yours doesn’t blow cool air, getting another conditioner is the best thing to do. The lack of cool air could result from low refrigerant levels or leaks. A malfunctioning compressor can also make the air conditioner blow hot air instead of cold air. Whatever the issue, getting an AC replacement will ensure your home is cool and comfortable throughout the seasons.

3. Weak Airflow

Aside from a lack of cool air, weak airflow in your home is another sign you need to replace your air conditioner. This issue can make your interior hot and humid and is often caused by clogged air filters. A loose fan belt, a stuck wheel, or a damaged motor can also give your air conditioner poor or weak airflow problems. Replacing the unit with a modern model will ensure adequate airflow inside your home.

4. Strange Noises

Air conditioners produce low-level sounds when operating. Therefore, it’s time to replace your air conditioner if it’s generating strange, loud sounds. A buzzing or humming sound could mean your compressor is faulty or the rubber coating on the condenser is worn out. Banging sounds indicate some components are broken or loose while rattling noises can be a sign that your ductwork is disconnected or poorly installed. Hissing noises accompanied by a lack of cool air and frost formation on the condenser unit can be due to refrigerant leaks. Whatever noises your air conditioning system produces, getting a replacement will help ensure your home is quiet, at least on the air conditioning front.

5. Foul Smells

You should consider replacing your air conditioner if bad smells circulate in your home whenever you turn it on. Plastic smells can be the work of burning wires, while musty odors can be a telltale sign that mold and other fungi have grown in your ductwork and other parts due to moisture accumulation. The smell of rotten eggs indicates a possible natural gas leak. Even though the gas is odorless, manufacturers add a harmless chemical with the rotten eggs odor to alert homeowners of leaks. You may also notice exhaust fumes and skunk-like smells. Getting a new air conditioner will help eliminate bad odors and make your home smell fresh.

6. Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills

If your energy bills have increased beyond normal levels and nothing seems wrong, the issue could be your air conditioner. Your system could consume a lot of energy because it’s old or poorly installed. Low refrigerant levels and lack of routine AC maintenance can force your unit to work for longer hours and consume excess energy. Leaky ductwork can reduce your air conditioner’s ability to circulate cool, making your unit work harder and causing energy bills to increase. Replacing your current AC with a new energy-efficient one will lessen your energy consumption when cooling, leading to decreased energy bills.

7. Excessive Moisture Buildup

Less moisture buildup around the air conditioner is no cause for alarm. Nevertheless, excess condensation near the unit is a big red flag that warrants a replacement. Drainage pan issues, low refrigerant levels, clogged drain lines, and dirty air filters often cause problematic condensation. If left unchecked, too much moisture buildup can damage your walls, ceilings, furniture, and other belongings. Therefore, book a replacement service when you notice abnormal moisture buildup to avoid damage.

8. Uneven Air Distribution

When you turn on the air conditioner, it should be able to cool all rooms in your home equally. If you notice persistent uneven distribution, it could be time to replace your conditioner. Your AC could deliver unequal cool air to your rooms due to many reasons, including blocked vents preventing air from going to some parts and leaky ducts losing cold air during circulation. Short cycling issues that make your conditioner blow air for only a few minutes can also lead to uneven air distribution. A new system works optimally and will ensure cool air is equally distributed to all corners of your house.

9. High Humidity

Minnesota can be hot, especially in the summer, and humidity often accompanies the heat. If you experience high humidity levels that won’t reduce even when your air conditioner is on, getting a replacement is the right thing to do. Besides making your interior uncomfortable, excess humidity levels can pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones, including dehydration, headaches, exhaustion, and more. Humidity can also promote mold growth in your walls and ceilings. You’ll enjoy controlled humidity levels when you replace your current unit with a more effective one.

10. Frequent Repair Needs

Experiencing repair issues every once in a while is normal. However, frequent repair issues are a big problem that can be best resolved by getting a replacement. This is especially the case if the cost of frequent repairs outweighs that of getting a new unit. The need for persistent repairs is also a telltale sign that your air conditioner has serious problems that won’t go away no matter how many times you schedule repair services. Instead of dealing with the effects of regular breakdowns, just get a replacement, and you’ll enjoy convenience and peace of mind.

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