August 14, 2014

Maintenance helps extend your AC’s life cycle

Consider yourself lucky if your air conditioning hasn’t broken down this summer. Although air conditioning repair in Champlin, MN is a piece of cake for shops like Liberty Comfort Systems, wouldn’t it be more practical to have your air conditioner maintained regularly and pay less in the long run? In an article for, contributor Sara Melone shares how to save yourself a lot of money and grief when things heat up and your air conditioning breaks down:

Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair in Champlin, MN with Maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance can ensure your unit operates at the highest efficiency without premature breakdowns.

The proverbial ounce of prevention

Depending on what kind of air conditioning equipment you have, the cost of preventive maintenance will vary. However, what you pay for maintenance will be much less than what you’d pay for a replacement. Melone says:

Not only does a dirty condenser coil typically force the air conditioner to work harder and drive up the electric bill, but a dirty coil can also force the compressor to work much harder and can result in premature failure …The cost to check and clean condenser coils is generally much lower than the cost of replacing the compressor.

Energy savings

When your equipment is functioning at maximum efficiency, it will consume less electricity; likewise, a poorly-maintained car engine will guzzle more gasoline than it should. Without getting too technical, an air conditioner circulates cool air which is filtered through condenser coils. If these aren’t cleaned regularly, the air compressor will be forced to work harder and use more energy.

Long live your air conditioner

Isn’t it amazing how machines can emulate human physiology? Neglecting to give your body the proper care will make you more prone to health problems and even shorten your lifespan. Similarly, a well-maintained air conditioner will definitely outlast and outperform one that isn’t.

Keeping all parts in good working order means less stress on the equipment overall. The unit functions better over the long term and it can last much longer than a unit that has not been sufficiently maintained.

Convenience: Priceless

Imagine not having to shell out big money for repairs and electricity bills. Picture yourself and your family resting comfortably in the humid summertime. Now ask yourself how much these scenarios are worth. Priceless, aren’t they? Trust in Andover, MN air conditioning repair experts to keep your AC in great shape and you’ll be bringing that dream to life.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What Are the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance on Air Conditioning,

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