April 21, 2024

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom is a big decision that can affect how aesthetically pleasing and functional your bathroom is. But with so many toilets to choose from, figuring out which one is right for you can be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s us at Liberty Comfort Systems. One of our specialties is bathroom remodeling for homeowners in the Anoka area.

We can help you fix a leaky or broken toilet, reseal an existing one, or even install a particular type of toilet if needed. We’re experts at kitchen remodeling, too, so if you want to change the layout or update the plumbing in your bathroom or kitchen, we can handle it. Today, we are going to concentrate on toilets. We have extensive experience with different toilet shapes and sizes, so we can give you personalized recommendations to help you find the perfect toilet.

Types of Toilets

There are different types of toilets that you can buy for your bathroom, depending on what you like and need. One-piece toilets are easy to clean because the tank and bowl are joined together. Two-piece toilets have a separate tank mounted on the wall, saving space and looking good. Smart toilets have special features, like automatic flushing, self-cleaning, and a bidet.

When choosing a toilet, consider the space you have, the difficulty of installation, and the work involved in keeping it clean. These factors can help you pick the best toilet for your bathroom.

Size and Fit

Picking a suitable toilet for your bathroom isn’t just about how it looks. You also need to make sure it fits properly. Measuring your bathroom is essential if you want to avoid any uncomfortable or awkward situations. To start, you need to know how much space you have to work with. Then, measure the distance from the walls to anything that might get in the way, like a bathtub or vanity.

We can help you figure out the best toilet size for your bathroom. For example, the “rough-in” is the distance from the wall to the center of the drain pipe. Most toilets fit a 12-inch rough-in, but some come in different sizes and shapes.

Water Efficiency

More and more homeowners are choosing water-efficient toilets nowadays, as they help save money on utility bills. For instance, some toilets have a dual-flush system that allows you to use less water when you flush liquid waste and more water for solid waste. Other toilets are designed to use less water per flush, so you can save almost 2 gallons of water every time you flush.

If you’re looking for a water-efficient toilet, look for the WaterSense label, which means the product meets strict water conservation and performance standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Comfort and Accessibility

Using the bathroom can be challenging for people with difficulty moving around or physical disabilities. However, some things can make it easier and more comfortable for them. One of the things that can help is having a toilet designed with their needs in mind. For instance, a toilet higher off the ground can make it easier for them to sit down and stand up. A toilet with a larger seat area can also be more comfortable.

Other features, like a heated seat, bidet, or soft-close lid, can also make a big difference. If you or someone you love has mobility limitations, it’s essential to think about these things when looking for a new toilet. Having a comfortable and easy-to-use toilet can make a big difference in promoting independence and improving quality of life.

Style and Design

When it comes to choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom, it’s not just about its practical function. It’s also important to your bathroom’s overall style and appearance. Many different toilet options can suit any decorating taste, whether you prefer a classic or modern look. However, it’s not just about the general style of the toilet. Your specific shape, height, and color can greatly affect how your bathroom looks and feels.

So, take some time to carefully choose a toilet that matches the rest of your bathroom decor. When everything comes together nicely, your bathroom will look polished and stylish, just like something you’d see in a magazine.

Budget Considerations

You’ll find many options if you’re looking to buy a toilet. Some are basic and affordable, while others are fancy and expensive. The cheapest toilets are simple and have a standard flush. These are usually reliable and won’t break the bank. As you spend more money, you can get nicer toilets, like ones all in one piece or attached to the wall. Some even have a built-in cleaner or a spray for washing yourself. The more expensive toilets are usually built sturdier and use less water. So even though they cost more upfront, you might save money in the long run.

Find a toilet that fits your budget and what you need in your bathroom. A basic one will do the job if you don’t want to spend much money, but the fancier options might be worth it if you can afford to pay more.

Installation and Maintenance

Properly installing your toilet is imperative if you want it to work well and last long. While some people try to install toilets themselves, it’s usually better to hire a professional plumber to do the job. Our experienced plumber will make sure that your toilet is lined up properly, firmly mounted, and sealed up correctly to the pipes. If the toilet isn’t installed correctly, you could have leaks, wobbling, and other expensive problems. But installation is just the beginning.

To keep your toilet in good condition, you must take care of them regularly. That means cleaning the inside of the bowl, the tank, and the outside of the toilet. So, before you buy a toilet, ensure it’s the right size and easy to install and care for.

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