Are you considering switching from traditional to radiant heating for your Andover, MN, home or business? Choose Liberty Comfort Systems, your local home comfort specialist. Heated floors can add value and comfort to your home and feel especially nice on a chilly Minnesota morning. Radiant floor heating is an extremely efficient way to heat not just your carpet or tile but your entire home. This method dissipates heat from the floors to every object in the room, warming each space from the bottom up instead of blowing hot air through a vent.

    Radiant Heating in Andover, MN

    Additionally, radiant heating can lower your monthly energy bills, as you’ll use less power and gain more efficient heating. Radiant floor heating can be installed underneath any floor covering, from stone tile to linoleum, carpet, and even poured concrete, like in a garage or warehouse.

    Our professional plumbing services include:

    Experienced Radiant Heating Installation in Andover

    Radiant floor heating has more to offer than just feeling amazing on cold feet. It operates quietly – no more whooshing noises in the background. And, it’s cleaner, too. Because radiant heating doesn’t rely on forced air through ductwork, it doesn’t spread pollen, dust, and pet dander through your home like a ducted heating system does.

    Radiant heated flooring is versatile so you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or even garage. The system is comprised of small pipes that pump hot water underneath the floor. The heat then dissipates throughout the room, heating from the ground up. Heat rises, and so this method of warming a space is more efficient than other heating systems. Your friendly Liberty Comfort Systems sales representative can walk you through the installation process and arrange for a custom estimate for your home.

    Radiant floor heating offers several benefits for homeowners, like:
    • Increased efficiency over other heating types
    • More comfort in your house
    • Produces less allergens
    • No ducts or grills needed
    • Runs more quietly than other systems

    And, a radiant heating system can add value to your house! Liberty Comfort Systems offers custom installation for your new heated floors.

    We also provide Radiant Heating services to residents in:

    Make the Switch to Radiant Floor Heating

    At Liberty Comfort Systems, we consider ourselves to be more than just a professional heating and cooling contractor. We’re a Lifestyle Service Company and are committed to delivering superior products with a personal touch for our customers. Our technicians are NATE-Certified, and we’re professionally trained to custom-install radiant heating systems in your home. We also offer 24-7 emergency service, so you’re never out of luck when you call us!

    Make the Switch to Radiant Floor Heating

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    Excellent customer service and competitive pricing for professional radiant heating work is why Liberty Comfort Systems is the #1 heating and cooling company in Anoka. Call us today for your heated floor installation!