July 14, 2020

If you are tired of those high energy bills, there are a few things that you can do to lower them. Many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their summer bills. However, you still need air conditioning during those hot summer months. There is one way to save money, and it is called supercooling. This concept has been around for a long time, but many people do not know about it. They often rely on the “set it and forget it” method for their air conditioner. With supercooling, you have a new way to reduce your cooling costs and keep your home cool.

What Is Supercooling?

In the air conditioning world, supercooling involves running your system at specific times of the day to cool down your space. With this process, you will cool down the air, floors, walls, and yourself. While you might think that this is the job of an air conditioner, there are a few differences. With supercooling, you are giving your air conditioner a break and cutting down on those energy bills. In some cases, you can save up to 25% on your summer energy bills.

Many energy companies will give you a plan to help cut those cooling costs down. However, these companies are not in the business of reducing your energy bills. Their plans will not provide you with a specific time to save on your power consumption. You will have to conduct some research by yourself. If you look at your particular energy company, you might find that they charge more during the daytime and less in the morning, evening, and nighttime. With this information in hand, you can put a plan together to supercool your home.

Cool Your Home

You want to supercool your home when the energy rates are at their lowest. Electric companies usually charge higher prices at certain times of the day, generally in the afternoon. If you are looking to save some money, you will want to run your air conditioner during these off-peak hours. It may seem like the sun will heat your home in the daytime, but your interior will stay nice and cool with supercooling.

This process is also easier on your air conditioning system. When you operate the system during the day, the unit will cycle on and off to maintain a steady air temperature. With the continuous wear and tear, your components could break down in the future. That will mean repair visits and money out of your pocket.

While supercooling is not difficult, there are a few things that you will need to know to start. You should begin by calling your electric company. You will need to ask about your energy consumption. They will have a record of how and where you are using the most electricity. With this information, you can see where energy is being used in your home. You might want to ask about different rate plans, especially those time-of-use plans with off-peak rates. Based on your home’s usage, the electrical company might not want you to switch plans. However, when you supercool your home, those high rates will not be an issue.

You do not need a programmable thermostat, but it makes supercooling easier for you. If you want to stick to a manual thermostat, you will have to change the temperature twice a day. A programmable thermostat is more convenient if you are working or out of the house.

When you are ready to supercool your home, you want to set the thermostat for as low as you can stand. During the off-peak hours, the temperature should remain at 68 to 74 degrees. From the floor to the roof beams, your home will be cooled down. You want it to get cool to retain those temperatures during the day.

Once your home is cooled down, you will set the thermostat to the highest temperature that you can tolerate. During the peak hours, you should set it between 78 and 85 degrees. This is the time when you will start to save on energy. Your air conditioner can take a break during the most expensive times of the day. All that cold air should last you until it is time to turn on the air conditioner in the evening.

These on-peak and off-peak hours are set by your electric company. In many areas, the off-peak hours will begin at 8 p.m. The on-peak hours usually start at 6 a.m. You will want to set your thermostat to correspond to those times for maximum energy efficiency.

If your home has a pool, it might be time to install a timer for the pump. Your pool can use as much energy as the air conditioner. Like the air conditioner, your pool pump does not need to draw power around the clock. You can set your pump to operate during those off-peak hours.

As you can tell, a programmable thermostat will make this process easier for you. You can set it at a specific time to maximize those energy savings. If you want to install a programmable thermostat in your Anoka home, give Liberty Comfort Systems a call.

Supercooling Tips

With the supercooling process, you do not want to rely only on the thermostat. Other appliances draw power and add to those energy bills. During these peak hours, you want to make sure not to run other devices. You should limit cooking, using the dishwasher, or doing laundry. These appliances will create heat in your home and consume some expensive kilowatts. Once it is nighttime, you can use the appliances when the cost is lower. However, if you have a large family, it can be challenging to schedule chores and other activities at an optimal time to save money on the energy bills.

For supercooling to work, you need to retain all the cold air in your home. You should not leave any windows or doors open for an extended time. Your overnight cooling is meant to keep you comfortable during the day, and you do not want it escaping into the summer heat.

Finally, you will want to keep those winter sheets and blankets on the bed. It can get cold when you start to supercool your home, and you do not want to freeze to save a few dollars. You need to set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Save Money With Supercooling

With supercooling, you want to use as much off-peak energy as possible. For some homeowners, they have spent about 90% of their power during those off-peak times. Supercooling can save you from future air conditioner repairs, and it is a great way to go green during the summer.

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