May 24, 2019

Liberty Comfort Systems is the furnace contractor that business owners in Andover, MN, and Blaine, MN, call when they need furnace service, diagnostics, repair, or replacement.

We Help You Make Informed Heating and Furnace Decisions

If you have questions about your furnace, heating costs, or how to heat your home efficiently, reach out to us by calling (763) 400-4432. Our professionals are happy to answer your questions so that you can make informed decisions about how to handle furnace issues.

We Help Create Comfortable Environments

A modern furnace helps create a comfortable environment while offering energy efficiency and decreased indoor air pollution. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it is creeping toward the end of its lifecycle. The best time to evaluate the system’s condition is before the furnace needs major repairs. We offer a variety of furnace and heating services, including inspections.


Furnaces should run quietly and provide consistent heat throughout your home. Older units often have “personality.” Call us for an inspection if:

  • Your furnace is louder than normal
  • Your furnace is running more often than normal
  • Your home is not warm and comfortable
  • Your allergies are acting up while you are indoors

Any of these symptoms can mean that your furnace is on its last legs or that it simply needs service.


Regular service helps your furnace “live” longer and run more efficiently. Service can also mean that indoor air pollution is reduced because of clean filters or filters that are capable of capturing smaller particles. Regular service also helps reduce furnace repair.


We offer quality repair services and always provide our customers with an estimate. In some cases, repairing an older furnace is not cost effective. Furnaces are designed to last between 10 and 15 years. At the end of their life cycle, they tend to cost more to operate, do a poorer job of heating your home, and run noisily.

If you are tired of paying high energy bills or living with a grumpy furnace, then give Liberty Comfort Systems a call at (763) 400-4432. We are always happy to talk about heating, furnace repair and services, and even the options available for replacing your furnace. We help you create a warm and comfortable environment.

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