December 20, 2021
Furnace Noise in Anoka, MN

If you have a furnace in your home, at some point, you’ve probably been worried about those strange sounds coming from the vents and wondering what’s happening and how serious it might be. You’re not alone; these noises are one of the most common homeowner furnace issues. The most common reasons for sounds coming from your house’s heating system are natural occurrences like wind or temperature variations. Still, other potential problems can occur if your heater continues to make noise for an extended period. Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons why your furnace is making noise.

1. Faulty Blower Wheel

The first thing to check is your blower wheel. When there is a problem with the blower wheel, it can make a squeaking noise as it turns. The purpose of the blower wheel is to push air through the ducts and out of the vents. If the blower wheel seems loose or damaged new parts may need to be installed, but this is a simple process that a professional HVAC technician can do.

2. Damaged Blower Motor

The blower motor is another common source of noises coming from your furnace. If the blower motor isn’t spinning fast enough, it will make a grinding noise, or if it’s spinning too quickly, you will hear a whining noise. The blower motor should also be kept clean to prevent overheating, which causes buzzing noises. This can happen if dust and debris are blocking the vents on the back of the furnace. If the blower motor is damaged or needs to be replaced, it can be done by a local HVAC technician while your furnace is running.

3. Old Blower Damper

The blower damper is another one of the most common sources of noise coming from your home’s heating system. The blower damper isn’t meant to turn for an extended period, but if it does, it will make noises like squeaking, grinding or clattering sounds. If the blower damper is damaged, the heating system may not be able to work properly.

4. Blower Wheel Is Out of Balance

Over time the blower wheel will wear down, making it harder to turn. This can cause a problem where the blower wheel cannot push air out of the ducts and into the vents. If this is happening, a cooling vent seal won’t be able to protect your home from excess heat and may need to be replaced. A professional could also repair or replace the blower wheel, so you’re not experiencing any problems when it comes time to replace your heating system in the future.

5. Clogged Air Filters

When air filters are clogged or dirty, you can hear some strange noises coming from your furnace. If you frequently change the filter out on your furnace and notice that it is still making strange noises, the filter may need to be cleaned. If the filters are only a few weeks old and you’re already having trouble with them, it might be time to bite the bullet and replace them with a new set of filters.

6.Dirty Burners

If the air isn’t getting pushed through the vents, it’s possible that your burners may not be working correctly. The burners use a gas flame to help warm up the house. If they aren’t burning correctly, you will hear noises coming from them for an extended period. A professional can check them out to ensure that they are working properly, and if not, they can replace the burners easily.

7. Damaged Casing

The casing around the furnace has to withstand many different elements, making them out of stronger material. When the casing is damaged, it can cause strange sounds to come from your furnace. If you hear rubbing or clicking noises coming from around your furnace, it’s possible that the casing may be broken and needs replacing. Our professional HVAC technician can do this.

8. Blower Motor Bearings

The blower motor has ball bearings inside that are responsible for keeping everything spinning at the right speed. These bearings can start to skip if the blower motor isn’t working correctly, and this will cause a strange grinding noise to come from your furnace. A regular HVAC technician can check out the bearings and replace them if need be.

9. Blocked Vents

Another potential reason for noises coming from your furnace is if the vents are clogged with dust or debris. This could restrict the airflow, causing strange noises to come from the furnace. Our professionals can use a blower hose to clean out the vents and work your furnace correctly. For heating repair, installation, and maintenance in Anoka, MN, and surrounding areas, contact Liberty Comfort Systems for assistance.

10. Air Leak

Another culprit behind strange noises from your furnace is a leak. If a leak is present, you can hear whistle noises coming from the vents. An air leak can happen if the furnace isn’t properly sealed around the panels or there is damage to the ducts. The air can then leak out of your home instead of being pushed into the vents to warm it up.

11. Thermostat Issues

If you notice that your thermostat is constantly turning on and off, it may be having trouble reading your home’s temperature. If this is the case, it can cause odd noises to come from your furnace even if the temperature is set correctly. Our technicians can install a new programmable thermostat to help solve the problem if this is the case.

12. Cracked Heat Exchanger Plate

The heat exchanger plate is another key component of your heating system. This is where the hot air from the furnace pushes into the furnace and meets cold air from the outside. If it’s cracked, you may hear a strange grinding noise coming from your furnace when it starts up. A professional will ensure that you get this part replaced or repaired to ensure that your heating system will continue to work properly in the future.

13. Interior Compressor

The interior compressor is another source of noise from your heating system. The compressor can make a buzzing or grinding noise if it’s not working properly. The sound will only come from the interior compressor, not the blower motor or burners. Our technicians can check out the compressor and replace it if necessary.

14. Noisy Transformer

The transformer is the main piece of equipment inside your heating system. This part of your heating system converts alternating current from the power company to direct current that your furnace can use to heat your home. If the transformer is damaged, you may hear strange noises coming from the unit. We can help you look at this part of your heating system and replace it if need be.

15. Cracked Heat Vent

The heat vent is what takes the cool air from your furnace and pushes it into the vents in your home. If this vent breaks or cracks, you can get strange noises coming from your furnace or vents. Our technicians can get this replaced, so you don’t hear any strange noises.

There are many different reasons why your furnace will start making strange noises. The good news is that by getting our experienced technicians to look at it, we can determine the source of the noises and get everything back in working order. If you need help in water heater repair, duct cleaning, basement finishing and AC repair and installation in Anoka, MN, and the surrounding areas, contact Liberty Comfort Systems today.

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