Liberty Comfort Systems is a full-service residential plumbing company specializing in shower installation in Coon Rapids, MN. We also offer professional toilet repair, toilet installation, garbage disposal installation, and a range of other services. Whatever type of plumbing service you need, our team is always ready to help.

    Shower Installation in Coon Rapids

    Walk-in showers are a great option for improving safety and accessibility. This type of shower can be virtually any shape and fit into any area so it can work equally as well in a large bathroom or one with limited space. Upgrading your shower with a rainfall shower head or wall-mounted massaging jets is great for relaxation and comfort. You can even choose to outfit your new shower with color-changing LED lights or Bluetooth speakers.

    Prompt and Professional Toilet Installation

    You have a variety of different options if you need to install a new toilet or replace your old one. A basic toilet will always be the least expensive option, but you can also upgrade to a modern bidet toilet with a heated seat and other advanced features.

    You will definitely want to replace your toilet as soon as possible if it has a crack in the bowl or the tank. You may also want to consider replacing your toilet if it is overly rusty or stained. Replacing an old toilet is also an easy way to modernize your bathroom and give it a more stylish appearance.

    Our professional plumbing services include:

    Many homeowners may not realize that they need to install a toilet until something goes wrong, but often, replacing a toilet may be more effective than simply fixing it. Larger toilets, bidets, and ADA-compliant toilets are a snap for Liberty Comfort Systems. Plus, newer models are more water-efficient, comfortable, and can add a great deal of value to your home. From helping you find the right kind of toilet for your décor and budget to completing professional installation.

    Some might think installing a toilet is a fairly simple home improvement project, but trust us – this isn’t a job for a DIY weekend warrior. An incorrectly installed toilet can cause messy, smelly leaks, run constantly, and waste water, or lead to water damage in your home.

    We go beyond typical toilet installation. Rely on the Liberty Comfort Systems team for all your plumbing replacement needs, such as:
    • Adding a bidet
    • Replacing a broken toilet
    • Sealing an existing toilet
    • Install specialty toilets
    • Help with ADA-friendly toilet replacements

    We can add or replace piping to accommodate your new toilet, remove and dispose of your old toilet, and complete professional toilet installation. Our friendly customer service team can help you find the right toilet for your home’s aesthetic and budget.

    Offering Effective Shower Repairs

    Showers are generally quite low maintenance and usually don’t experience many issues. The most common issue is when the shower starts dripping a bit even when the water isn’t on. This issue is usually related to the shower handle or controls and not the shower head itself. In most cases, a dripping shower indicates an issue with the shower cartridge that controls the hot and cold water flow.

    Replacing the cartridge is a simple task that will usually fix the dripping. There may also be times when your shower suddenly won’t get as hot as normal. In this case, the solution is usually as simple as having a plumber readjust the cartridge so that the hot water supply can fully open.

    We specialize in all types of plumbing, including:
    • Shower repair
    • Shower installation
    • Faucet service
    • Garbage disposal service
    • Toilet repair
    • Toilet installation

    Whether you’re in need of toilet installation or any other residential plumbing service in Coon Rapids, contact Liberty Comfort Systems today to get the professional, reliable help you need.