February 13, 2024

Leaking pipes are one of the causes of water wastage worldwide. Approximately 10% of households waste over 90 gallons of water daily. Leakages may go unnoticed, but they can cause wastage and damage to property over a long period. Identifying leaking pipes and seeking professional help to avoid property damage is essential. Look out for the following signs to determine when to call in a professional plumbing service provider:

1. Inflated Water Bills

When you notice high water bills, there’s likely an issue with your plumbing system. You’re also most likely paying for wasted water. It can start by a small margin, increasing a little every month, or your monthly bill may suddenly skyrocket. If you haven’t changed your water usage habits but keep experiencing high bills, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing company. Our experts will inspect your plumbing system, identify the problematic areas, and propose practical solutions.

2. Visible Mold and Mildew

Mold grows and thrives where there’s moisture. Its food of choice is organic material, but it can thrive on other materials within the right conditions. A hidden water leak may provide ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew along the water lines. They can appear in various colors, but you can quickly identify their presence by looking for pink, black, green, or white spots on the walls and floor surfaces. If you spot their growth anywhere in your household, there is a possible leakage around.

3. Wet Spots

You should seek professional plumbing inspection services if you notice wet spots and unusual puddles inside your home. Additionally, if you see discoloring on your walls, an outline of a watermark, or even minor surface stains, something is happening underneath. For instance, a leak may appear as a water discoloration, and the ceiling may start sagging after a while. If the issue isn’t solved, the ceiling may eventually collapse.

4. Dripping Sounds

When a pipe starts to leak, you might hear an unfamiliar ticking frequency. The sound of water dripping happens when the pipe leak occurs from a considerable height down to the ground. The water loss’s intensity will determine the frequency of water drips. Most leaks produce a constant sound pattern like a water splash when it hits the ground or any flat surface. You will only hear a minor drip when your household is tranquil.

5. Low Water Pressure

If a water pipe has holes or cracks letting water out, the water running through it comes out of the tap at a lower pressure. Pipe leakages divert water flow, reducing the amount you receive when you turn on your faucet. If your water supply is steady but the water pressure remains low in your showers and taps, your plumbing systems need to be inspected by an expert.

6. Cracks in the Walls

Water leaks produce a destructive force. If your home’s foundation remains exposed to water consistently over time, it can erode. Unfortunately, this type of leak is difficult to spot. That’s why paying attention to the other signs before structural damage occurs is essential. The gradual misalignment of your foundation causes the buckling and shifting of wall structures. If you see cracks on sections of your walls, a water leak might be eroding your foundation. The walls may collapse if you don’t hire a professional plumber to fix the leakage.

7. Greener or Overgrown Spots in Your Lawn

Another means of knowing that there’s a pipe leakage in your home is by observing your lawn. If you notice that some parts appear greener than the rest, it indicates the presence of water. The area of your lawn growing more than the rest indicates a potential pipe leak underground. While performing regular lawn maintenance, you’ll notice a lawn section growing more vigorously or feeling wetter. Just because the pipe leak is outside doesn’t mean it won’t cause significant damage. These spots can favor the growth of harmful bacteria, which could destroy the rest of your lawn.

Tips for Finding the Right Plumber

If your water pipes start leaking, you need to find the right plumber to ensure you get quality services. While you can’t eliminate plumbing problems, choosing a service provider that will provide long-term results is essential. The costs of repairs are significant, but they shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Here are helpful tips to help you choose the right company:

Look for a Plumber With a License

It’s essential to ensure your plumber is approved, certified, and insured by your state. They must have the proper credentials and an insurance cover to protect you in case of unexpected damage during repairs. It’s best to understand the plumber’s insurance policy thoroughly. If a plumber gets injured in your home while on duty, the insurance should cover them.

Find a Company That Prioritizes Customer Services

Customer service is essential in various professions, including plumbing. Consider working with a plumber who cares about your issues and needs. A plumber prioritizing customer service will always respond quickly to your needs. Determine if the plumber takes time to inform you about their plans to fix your plumbing system. Regardless of a plumber’s competencies, effective communication with the client leads to excellent customer service.

Choose a Service Provider With Extensive Plumbing Experience

The plumbing industry is mainly practical, and experience builds skill. An experienced plumber has been exposed to various plumbing issues and knows how to fix them. Choosing a plumber who has worked in the industry for years influences the efficiency of the job. Furthermore, an experienced plumber is well-equipped to handle contingencies that may result during the job. Liberty Comfort Systems is a reputable company in Anoka, MN, with over 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry.

Consider a Reputable Plumber

The reputation of the plumber you select is essential. A good company is preceded by its reputation and good standing with the community. You can check a company’s reputation by asking family or friends within the neighborhood who have been past clients. You can also browse online reviews from multiple sources to see how past clients perceive the company’s services. Even a good company can have some negative reviews, but they should be of minor concern. If a company has more negative reviews, it’s better to avoid them so you aren’t disappointed.

Consider a Well-Prepared Company

The plumber you choose should have all the necessary tools to handle repairs efficiently, thus avoiding any time wastage during work due to lack of equipment. Effective communication and providing upfront quotes during the inquiry stage are crucial to preventing pricing surprises. Well-prepared professionals also follow strict schedules to avoid causing inconveniences when you make plans with them.

Expert Plumber in Anoka

If you notice leakages in your plumbing system, seek professional help before the issue worsens. You can trust Liberty Comfort Systems for all your plumbing needs in Anoka and the surrounding areas. We provide drain cleaning services water heater repair, pipe repair, and household plumbing services. We also offer heating, cooling, and electrical services. Contact Liberty Comfort Systems today for complete information regarding our services.

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