Liberty Comfort Systems offers incomparable water softener repair and installation in Andover, MN. How hard is the water in Andover and the surrounding communities? Experts measure water hardness in Grains Per Gallon or GPG. Ten GPG and above is considered very hard. However, Andover has a GPG of 17. In order to soften the water you drink and clean with, you need the right water softener system.

    Water Softener Repair and Installation

    The professional plumbers at Liberty Comfort Systems can evaluate your water and recommend an effective water softener. Why do you need a system to treat the water flowing from your taps? Ignoring hard water can drain your bank account and negatively impact your well-being. Contact us today for rapid water softener installation and repair services in Andover County.

    Our professional plumbing services include:

    Reliable Water Softener Installation in Andover

    You may wonder how a water softener can improve the quality of your water supply. Here’s how it works. These systems run a water softening cycle. Using sodium or other materials, an effective system will remove minerals from the water. These systems naturally recharge sodium or other particles used to attract minerals in the water. They require very little maintenance, and we can handle any water softener repairs that come up.

    A water softener exchanges healthy sodium in place of hard water minerals. This is called the backwash cycle. Then, the brine solution and hard water are removed from your water supply via a drain. This frees up the filter material to collect additional minerals. A whole house water softener system can prevent the buildup in your water heater, clothes washer and dishwasher.

    There are several advantages of water softener installation and repair and installation:
    • No hard water stains
    • Longer-lasting water heater
    • Cleaner clothes
    • Healthier skin

    Your Water Softener Service Team

    At Liberty Comfort Systems, we are proud to serve residents by providing cleaner water for drinking and other household uses. We also have dedicated community members contributing to local sports teams and other organizations. One of the best ways we can serve our friends and neighbors is by providing quality water softener repairs and installations. if you have any questions about the impact of hard water on your health and well-being, we would be happy to provide the information you need to make the right decision for your home.

    Water Softener Service Experts

    If you’re tired of scrubbing off hard water stains and constantly buying new appliances, we can help.

    Contact Liberty Comfort Systems to schedule water softener repair in Andover today!
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